Traveling Tips

Looking to escape and go somewhere new? Maybe it's to a place you've already been to but love going. 

Here are some awesome tips you could use to make sure everything goes as smooth as possible. Whether your traveling by vehicle, airplane or overseas, you always have to be prepared.

That doesn't mean you have to pack everything as well as the kitchen sick. The amount you pack should be based on how long your going and if there will be any accommodations when you get there. Try to grab a smaller bag or luggage than you think you'll need. If you really think you will need the extra space on the way back, you can always pack a collapsible bag inside of your luggage. It can be used to store stuff later. It can also be used in case you need to separate dirty laundry etc. This really comes in handy especially if there is a fee for luggage wherever your going. Adding a few disposable bags as well wouldn't be a bad idea.

You want to start by making a list. It's far too easy to forget things that you might need, especially during the stressful moments that happen prior to leaving. This goes without saying but it is always best to review the list before you leave. 

When packing always start with the bare essentials FIRST. You want to make sure you are rolling softer garments and folding stiffer ones. Before you move onto the next step think really hard about what you just packed. Can you find some of this stuff at a convenience store when you get there? Will it be supplied to you? Will there be a washing machine? Do some research on where your staying. Try to wear your heaviest or largest garments instead of packing them away. This can be a huge space saver. That's as long as it doesn't make you or the people around you seriously uncomfortable.

If you need to pack anything that might leak or make a mess, make sure to wrap it in something. You can use airtight bags or any other bag as long as it won't leak. You also want to make sure to pack the mini versions of any liquid products you need. Remember it's highly unlikely you are going somewhere where there are zero resources for you to replenish toiletries, unless it's medication. You never want to pack anything after thinking "just in case". It's most likely you will never use it and you will end up just lugging it around.

As I mentioned before it's best to take mini or travel sized versions of bottles. For your convenience I have a few products below that would work.