Tips for making cleaning FUN!

Sometimes we just need to get our butts in gear to do a little cleaning no matter how much we would rather do practically anything else. To make things a little easier, our team has brainstormed some ways to make cleaning a heck of a lot more fun!

If all else fails and you still do not feel motivated after reading our five steps below - watch a little Full House or Friends to see how Danny Tanner and Monica Geller get their clean on! 

And don’t forget to buy All Clean Natural cleaning products because our items do not contain chemicals which will allow you and our planet to live longer and therefore have more fun! It is a win-win for all!!

Here are five steps and tricks to make cleaning just a little more exciting:


  1. Make yourself a healthy snack board to nibble on while you are putzing around the house cleaning. This will ensure you are fueled and motivated to keep going. A little fruit and cheese board should do the trick!!

  2. Make a “cleaning jams” playlist of all your favorites so you can sing along/dance party while getting shit done or turn on a favourite movie that you have seen before (this is important because if you have not seen the movie before you will end up sitting down to watch it and that defeats your whole master cleaning plan).

  3. Organize first. Yes, this is the hard part, but if you go room to room tidying up before you start the deep cleaning. You will thank yourself later because then you are not cleaning around misplaced items! Yes, tackle things one pile at a time and you’ll stay on track and on task.

  4. Make a list! This sounds kind of pointless, but you will be more likely to get everything done if you have an order in which each task will be completed. Plus nothing is as satisfying as a sharpie line through each task on your to do list.
    We feel that this is the best way to clean, but to each their own!
    -Organize so everything is in its rightful place

    -Clean out fridge of anything expired and wipe down shelving
    -Open all windows and light a candle to make your house smell as fresh as possible!
    -Wash all towels and bed sheets
    -Dust ledges and furniture (don't forget the blinds!)
    -Spray down counters and surfaces with various cleaners that are right for the job (ex. wooden tables with wood cleaner and countertops & mirrors with waterless multipurpose cleaner, etc.)
    -Clean sinks, bathtubs and showers
    -Clean toilets
    -Vacuum all floors and couches
    -Wash floors  

  5. Reward yourself with a cocktail and hot bath or shower for all of your hard work (one because you deserve it and two because you will be all sweaty and gross from cleaning)!