It's A Spring Thing!

Spring is right around the corner. I don't know about you, but I'm ready to kick the remainder of winter out and rejuvenate my home! I know I can't be the only one feeling like this, so I want to share some spring cleaning tips with you.


Write It Down:

There is just so much to think about when majorly cleaning your home. It can be easy to lose track of where you were or to forget something completely. To start, it's best to make a list of what needs to be cleaned. It's also important to make sure you have the right products to get the job done. No one likes to stop what they're doing to run to the store. You can break it down per room and then to specific things in that room. Add a section for cleaning supplies after making the main list so you can see what you'll need. Check off what products you have. After you've completed a task, check it off so you can track your progress. 



Start From The Top:

It's important to keep in mind gravity is a factor here. You never want to start with cleaning your floors before wiping off fixtures, windows or dust on a ceiling fan. Having to redo your hard work would be awful and time consuming. We both know your time is important and can be spent in much better ways!


Take A Breath Of Fresh Air:

A lot of people forget this, but it's a crucial part of any home. Just like any filter, your furnace filter catches dust and unwanted particles. This can cause unwanted build up. When this happens, it lowers your furnace's efficiently to clean the air in your home. It's also working twice as hard which means a higher electricity bill or even worse, a shorter life span.

Fresh Air


Clean Out Your Closets:

This hit me the other day when I was putting away my laundry. I always put the clothes that are fresh out of the laundry on the right of my closet, while the left side has clothes I haven't worn in years. Take time this spring to sort through and donate things that you don't wear or use anymore. You'd be surprised at how good it makes you feel to get rid of the clutter. Make room for the new or just enjoy the extra space.


The Outside Of Your Home Needs Love To:

Once the snow melts it can expose a lot of debris that could have been forgotten about over the winter. Take some time to rake and organize your yard. Put away those snow shovels and clean and repair your gutters. You can also wash off your outdoor furniture, windows or sliding doors.

Yard Work


The last bit of advice I can leave you is to stay green as you clean!

Try not to use harsh chemicals to clean with. There's plenty of alternatives out there. It's best to be safe especially if children or animals live in your home. Find products that are non-toxic, cruelty free and safe for all ages.

Why worry when you don't have to? You have enough to deal with. Here are a few products that I can recommend that are in fact non-toxic, cruelty free, pet friendly and safe for all ages!