Nine Steps To Cleaning The Interior Of Your Car

There is nothing better than getting into your car after you have just cleaned it. Here are nine steps (with some tips!) to making it spotless.

STEP 1: Remove any garbage, debris or objects (you know, like the shoes that have been in the backseat of your car for over a year now). 

STEP 2: Organize your glove box, middle console and any other areas that are holding objects.

STEP 3: Use a swiffer duster or microfiber cloth to run over everything in your car (dashboard, cup holders, air vents, on top of rear view mirror, etc.) to get rid of any extra dust. 

STEP 4: Use an alcohol or disinfectant wipe on all door handles, steering wheel or high touch areas to kill any germs!

STEP 5: Remove all mats and vacuum everywhere. Then wash your mats if they are dirty (you can do this by rinsing them off if they are plastic or scrubbing them with fabric cleaner - allow them to dry before putting back in your car)!

STEP 6: Use an all purpose cleaner (we suggest our waterless multi purpose!) on a cloth to wipe down doors, sterling wheels, dash boards, etc. You will want toothpicks and q-tips for this part to get into any areas that might be too fine for the cloth to get into!

STEP 7: Wash inside windows and mirror with a water and vinegar solution or our glass cleaner.

STEP 8: Spray either leather cleaner or fabric cleaner on seats depending on what your vehicle requires and wipe down with a microfibre cloth.

STEP 9: Put a few drops of essential oil under your seat or car mat to make your car smell extra fresh and clean!