How Can We Help Fight Off Cold and Flu Season?

It's no lie, one of the best ways to help fend off the flu is to get vaccinated every year. Below are a few things we can do to help protect ourselves in addition to this.

1. Wash your hands whenever you can.

I'm sure you've heard this a billion times in your life time but it's true, wash your hands, do it, just do it ... especially after coming back from a public place or before you are about to eat. This might sound silly, but also try to reduce the amount you touch your face. It's like an open door for viruses to get into your body.
Washing Hands

2. Avoid interacting with people who are sick or showing symptoms.

This one point is tough. Especially during the holiday season, but please take care of yourself and others. You will only be spreading the virus and potentially infecting your loved ones or people who may have more trouble than you fighting it. Nobody wins...

3. Try to always use All Clean Natural Hand Sanitizer. 

As one example, think about how much you are on your cellphone nowadays. Do you always wash your hands after you use it? How about how much came into contact with your hands before that...yeah gross. You might not always be around a sink to wash your hands so it's useful to have a bottle of hand sanitizer on or around you. Not just you, but your friends or your kids when they're at school.

4. Keeping your home and vehicle clean.

Doorknobs are not your friend. Not only just doorknobs but also light switches and any other surface in your home. What makes it worse is when you live with people who may be sick and you can't escape. You must avoid sharing personal items unless they have been properly cleaned/disinfected after they have been used. Airing out your home from time to time can help. Wiping off anything that you or someone might have touched is probably your best bet. This also goes for your vehicle even if you have been the only one using it. 
vehicle interior

5. Keeping your body in top condition.

This doesn't mean just to "be fit". While it will be beneficial for you to be in shape this also means watch what you are feeding your body. Your body is the gateway to these viruses. You need a strong gateway to fend these nasty buggers off. Make sure you are eating healthy and washing all the produce you purchase from the store. You never know who handled them before you.

Here are a few things I can recommend for you on your journey through this cold and flu season.