Five Tips For Fall Cleaning

Do you FALL clean as much as you SPRING clean? You should!

Before Jack Frost arrives (for good) take advantage of these cooler fall weekends and get your house ready for winter with this checklist:

  1. Clean from top to bottom
    Go through each room and dust everything! (walls, ceilings, baseboards, you name it!).

  2. Winterize the beds
    Pull out all of your heavier winter blankets and give them a solid wash to make them feel like new! Flip or rotate your mattress (this should be done every 3 months).

  3. Organize the closets
    Go through your closets and pull items that you no longer wear or don’t fit anymore. You know what they say “if it doesn’t spark joy…” Make a pile to donate.  Swap out the summer styles for the winter coats and sweaters that have been packed away. 

  4. Wash the windows
    Wash all windows, indoors and out, to avoid this step during the cold and snowy winter months - trust us it’s not a good idea! Take out screens and wash them so they’re ready to go next summer! 

  5. Deep clean the kitchen
    Fall means the holidays are approaching, and holidays often bring guests [wanted or unwanted]. Deep clean all of your appliances - refrigerator, oven and dishwasher.  Organize your drawers to make sure you can easily find what you’ll be looking for.

Happy Fall Cleaning!