8 Everyday Items Covered in Germs

1. Phone

95% of people’s cell phones and office telephones are covered in bacteria that causes skin infections, acne and bloodstream infections.

Keep it clean by using a q-tip for earphone ports and plug ins, taking off the case and getting in all the corners and around the edges.

2. Hair Brush

Almost three quarters of us don’t clean our hair brushes or combs which causes dandruff, hair loss and scalp infections.

Keep it clean by removing all hair and debris with a toothpick. Rub the bristles under hot water and dry.




3. Toilet Paper Holder

toilet seat itself? It’s covered in fungus that will cause diarrhea and skin infections.

Keep it clean by disinfecting when doing your routine bathroom cleaning.


4. Toothbrush Holder

This is one of the dirtiest items in your house and it holds an item that goes in your mouth! Every time you flush the toilet fecal bacteria is spread and land on or near your toothbrush

Keep it clean by washing with hot water and soap and scraping out any grime.

5. Remote

Over half of the remotes tested positive for germs that cause the common cold and other harmful illnesses.

Keep it clean by wiping the top and bottom daily and using a tooth pick or cotton swab to get in hard to reach areas like buttons and battery compartments.


6. Keyboard and Mouse

Your computer keyboard homes as much bacteria as your entire bathroom and over 20% of us have NEVER cleaned it and our mouse. This could cause illnesses like the stomach flu, common cold, and skin infections.

Keep it clean by unplugging all devises and wiping with a microfiber cloth. Ensure all crumbs and debris are removed using a tooth pic or cotton swab.

7.Garbage Can

Although you might think the garage bag inside your can keeps it clean, you’re wrong! The average garbage can is covered in bacteria triggering ear infections, dysentery, and typhoid fever. Not to mention attracts flies and rodents.

Keep it clean by sterilizing at least once a week and replacing the bag often ensuring it covers the rim of the garbage can.


8. Refrigerator Door Seal

83% of the time the seal around fridge doors tested positive for mold and is probably the most forgotten on this list. Common molds found cause a breakdown of your immune system, muscle and joint pain as well as headaches, depression, memory loss, and anxiety.

Keep it clean by sterilizing often and keeping moldy food out of the inside of your fridge.