6 Places You Forget to Clean Inside Your Vehicle

Everyone lives out of their car at one time or another. Vehicles seem to become filled with a collection of coffee cups, water bottles, food wrappers and expired coupons. When cleaning you usually you come across $18 in nickels and dimes, enough crumbs to rebuild a loaf of bread, and that hoodie you’ve been looking everywhere for. The first step is to declutter and remove all the garbage and items that don’t actually belong in a vehicle. This alone will make your car feel clean! Double check these 6 places you probably forgot about:

1. Knobs
Vacuum all the knobs and gadgets on your console to quickly clean the dust and debris off. Go the extra mile and use a q-tip or cloth over a flat head screwdriver to clean the crevasses on the knobs and around the console where the crumbs run and hide when vacuuming. Go over with a micro fibre cloth and All Clean Natural’s Waterless Multipurpose cleaner to help repel dust and dirt in the future.

2. AC Vents
Dust those small crevasses and vents with a foam paint brush. Don’t forget the speaker cut outs in the doors and the back seat vents as well!





3. Seams of Cushions
Crumbs get stuck in the stitching and deep cuts of the seats – don’t believe me? …. You do now because I bet you just checked! Use a tooth brush to to get them out; just don’t forget to get yourself a new tooth brush for your teeth after! Check out our biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes


4. Cup Holder and Console
Take the rubber lining out of your console and cup holders and throw them in the dishwasher. Clean the area before putting them back in with All Clean Natural Heavy Duty Spot and Degreaser. Did you know the coffee stains and sticky spots aren’t actually supposed to be there!?


5. The Stench
Even though you may not smell it, your car has a smell everyone else notices right away. Finish your interior detailing with a 100% essential oil air freshener!



6. Cabin Air Filter
Now that everything is clean, replace your cabin air filter to reduce the amount of dust and pollen from getting in again. Don’t eat or drink in your car for 24 hours or until you’re past the frame of mind of keeping your vehicle clean … and REPEAT