5 Ways Fluoride is Harming You

There seems to be a lot of debate on weather or not fluoride is safe, unsafe, or if anyone really knows the truth behind it’s effects. I’m not a doctor but I do know that if a MSDS of a substance reads “seek medical attention immediately” next to eye and skin contact and inhalation; I don’t want it anywhere near me or my family, and especially in my mouth. Not to mention, fluoride is used in some pesticides and chemicals used to kill rats! So why is fluoride in every day items like toothpaste, drinking water, and beverages?

The answer is: it shouldn’t be! Did you know that 97% of European countries have rejected water fluoridation?

Fluoride has been found to cause:

1.Bone, Bladder and Lung Cancer
Osteosarcoma is a rare but deadly form of bone cancer that attacks primarily teens. Studies dating back to 1990 have found a link between the disease and high fluoride exposure. After a 20 year study of fluoride exposed workers, scientists have also found connections between fluoride and bladder and lung cancer.


Fluorosis is a common disorder where tooth enamel is broken down unevenly causing the enamel to mottle and discolored blotches to be visible. This is caused by excessive fluoride ingestion.


3.Kidney Problems
Your kidneys help prevent the build-up of toxic fluoride levels in your body but because they are exposed to higher concentrations there is concern that exposure to the excess fluoride contributes to kidney disease. As well, when kidney function declines due to age or disease, the risk of fluoride toxicity increases.


4.Thyroid Dysfunction
In the past, fluoride was prescribed to people with an over active thyroid to help reduce thyroid function. Doctors treated patients successfully with doses as low as 2-5 mg per day. Today, one strip of fluoridated toothpaste on a child sized toothbrush can contain up to 1.5mg of fluoride, and the average intake an adult consumes daily can be as high as 6.6 mg without even knowing it! If your thyroid fails to work as it should, it can cause depression, muscle/joint pain, fatigue, weight gain, reduced fertility, menstrual disturbances, memory loss and inability to concentrate.


5.Hormone Disruption and Infertility
Researchers have found that high intake of fluoride greatly reduces testosterone levels and sperm count, while others even go as far as proving that increased exposure causes deficiency of zinc leading to the shrinkage of male testicles. Studies also show damage to uterine and ovarian structures in women as well as a lower fertility rate in females.


Does the average human have a mouth filled with bacteria? – of course! But like cleaning our homes; chemicals are not needed to clean your mouth and teeth.  This is why All Clean Natural has added a fluoride free toothpaste to our products! Why would your toothpaste need an ingredient so harmful, along with aspartame? Again, the answer is it doesn’t!


Fluoride free, aspartame free, and sweetened with stevia. No harmful chemicals, and as always: safe for the entire family!