5 Reasons Why Mosquitos Are Still Biting You

Although they seem minuscule, mosquitos can play a big part in ruining your summers outdoors.

Here are 5 things you can do to keep them from biting you:

1. Plant a Garden Mosquitoes hate quite a few different plants. By choosing the right ones and planting them in pots close to sitting areas in your yard you can have a beautiful garden as well as some peace from the ‘skeeters. Try planting lemon balm, catnip, basil, lavender, lemon geraniums, and mint.
2. Switch Your Outdoor Light Bulbs – Bright white lights on our patios and porches attract insects of all kinds. Switch them out for yellow light bulbs and instantly see the difference.
3. Feed the Hummingbirds – Hummingbirds can be your best friend as they eat mosquitoes and tons of other insects. You can purchase feeders and hang them in your yard to attract them.
4. Create Wind Everyone loves a calm day without wind – this goes for mosquitos too! They are not strong enough to fly in a breeze so using a fan on a still day will help keep them away!
 5. Use Essential Oils – All Clean Natural ‘Skeeter Spray is made of 100% essential oils, all of which insects hate the smell of! Use it on the whole family for a natural way to keep the bugs away!