10 Common Problems with 1 Natural Solution You Don’t Know About

1. Allergy Relief  Mint Oil relaxes nasal muscles helping opening your nasal passages to clear our mucus and pollen

2. Natural Bug Repellent – Ants, spiders, mosquitos, cockroaches, lice and ticks all hate the smell of peppermint!

3. Reducing Stomach Aches  Mint has been proven by experts to relax stomach muscles and intestines to reduce bloating, gas and even IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)

4. Relieving Headaches  Medical studies show that peppermint can improve circulation and relax tense muscles that often cause headaches or migraines

5. Improving Mental Focus  The scent of mint has been known to help with mental alertness, focus and helping those with ADHD concentrate

6. Clearing Respiratory Tract – Peppermint oil has the ability to act as a decongestant and open your airways

7. Reducing Nausea  Studies found that mint oil reduced nausea better than some standard medicinal treatments

8. Boosting Energy – Mint is a natural energizer that can help those with chronic fatigue syndrome and ca work as an alternative to highly caffeinated energy drinks

9. Reducing Hunger Cravings  Peppermint oil can help you avoid getting the munchies and will help you feel full faster while eating

10. Natural Mouse Repellent Mice find the smell of peppermint too strong and over powering so they stay away. Mint also masks the smell of food which is usually the reason mice are found in our sheds, garages, vehicles and even homes


Spraying common areas with All Clean Natural Mint Air Freshener will help deter mice and insects, but you can go one step further… Spray cotton balls with our mint essential oil freshener and tuck them in garbage cans, corners of the shed, near the garage door and anywhere else you suspect the critters to enter in from. Doing this ensures it is safe for kids and pets to come in contact with it compared to rat poison or dangerous mouse traps. Be sure not to let the cotton balls lose their scent as this could cause the pesky mice to use the cotton to build their nests.

Using a Mint Air freshener in rooms your family spends most of their time will help with all of the above problems and save you hundreds in medications, poisons and chemicals that are not healthy for anyone!